Property Management

Athena is the premiere full-service commercial real estate firm specializing in retail property management in Southern California. We are proud to have instilled a corporate culture that rewards excellence, upholds the highest professional standards and adheres to the simple philosophy that clients come first.

Strategic Planning

At Athena, we have it in our business to build and maintain solid relationships, beginning with our clients, tenants, and vendors, and extending throughout the entire commercial real estate community. We know the value of expertise and experience and so do our clients. Athena and its executive team have provided real estate services on over 10 million square feet of retail throughout the United States. Offering a full line of commercial real estate services, at Athena, we consistently exceed our clients’ expectations, outperforming their goals and objectives by delivering what we say we’ll deliver.

Marketing and Leasing

Athena does not provide brokerage services, but rather helps the owner find the best broker for the project.  We then work with the owner and broker to develop a leasing strategy for the project.  We then help the owner keep the broker active and engaged. We also assist in the negotiation of Letters of Intent as well as lease negotiation and financial analysis of the tenant and the deal.

Acquisition Due Diligence

Athena is uniquely qualified to assist owners evaluate new projects for acquisition.  From financial analysis, physical plant evaluation and even leasing and re-model budgeting and leasing projections.  We are a one stop shop for the investor that is not staffed to deal with the rigors of project evaluation and due diligence.

Budgeting & Expense Control

Athena evaluates the projects budget and tenant leases to determine if all possible expenses are being passed through and that the tenants are paying the maximum amounts per their Lease Agreements. The Common Area Monthly services and charges are also evaluated on an on-going basis  to insure all services are being billed at rates better than or equal to comparable shopping centers and all possible savings are obtained.

Construction Management

One of the areas that distinguishes Athena from other management companies is our in-house construction management capabilities.  Athena has the ability to coordinate construction projects from a simple demolition of an existing suite for a new tenant, to coordinating a specific plan amendment and ground up construction of new buildings and major center remodels.  We spend money like it is ours!

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