Stock photos come easily and places like Adobe Stock or Getty Images have a sweeping selection to choose from. A quick search for shopping centers, outdoor shopping, or even more specifics related to your tenants will reveal hundreds of stock images to choose from. However, real images are often a preferred choice for our clients. Stock images are great due to their ease of access but seeing real people shopping at the actual center on the website offers customers insight on exactly what to expect. Real images also give complete control of the image, its quality, and ensures clients are representing their center exactly how they intend.

So, when our client from Bressi Ranch Village Center requested branding updates that included lifestyle photos for the property’s website, we jumped at the chance. We found the right photographer, hired models for the shoot, ensured weather in Carlsbad, Ca would be top notch, created shot lists and timelines, coordinated with the tenants, and ensured we were on the same page as the client regarding what they were looking for. The photoshoot went smoothly, and everything came together exactly how it was intended. We are working towards launching the new branding for the property which will include an updated logo, new website, and of course the new lifestyle images.

Athena Property Management offers their clients above and beyond the typical property management services. Marketing, including branding and lifestyle photoshoots, are just a small example of what working with Athena offers your property.